Shenzhen Shenxinyang Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in design, production and sales of wooden packaging, lifting and shifting, warehouse relocation, logistics and transportation of full supply chain services.

Its products includes: Wooden box packaging, large equipment wooden box, free-inspection wooden box, shipping vacuum wooden box, ordinary wooden box, steel buckle wooden box, Splint wooden cases, fumigation and non-fumigation wooden case, fumigation and non-fumigation wooden pallets, solid wooden case, platform wooden case, wooden skids, Shockproof wooden case, etc.

Our factory is located in Longgang District, Shenzhen city, our company has many professional packaging box designers, and they also have many years of production experience. Excellent workmanship, superior materials, which meet requirement of national packaging standards, to provide the foreign customers timely, accurate and full services. Choose Shenxinyang company,

Years of custom experience in the production of wooden packaging materials

 Specializing in the production of wooden boxes and wooden pallets of various specifications, we can customize wooden packaging materials such as pallets and wooden pallets according to different needs of customers.。

Rich in wood resources,Sufficient inventory

 We have a wealth of timber source channels, ample storage of timber resources, no matter how big the order We all have the ability to give you the products you want on time.。

Advanced machineryProfessional skill worker

 After years of operation and development, we now have advanced mechanical and technical professional skills and technical personnel, skilled production workers.。

Provide door-to-door wooden boxes according to customer needs

 Free inspection wooden box, disinfection wooden card board, free inspection card board / door-to-door, according to customer needs, can be packaged wooden door。

LeadingCrafttechnologyabilityCan be customized for customers

 Ordinary wooden boxes, frame wooden boxes, sliding wooden boxes, plywood boxes, flower boxes and other wooden boxes can be customized according to customer requirements.

ResponsiveQuality service

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 Any feedback2 hoursGet reply inside

 phone24 hoursOpen for you。


  • Packaging is strong and easy to use.

    Shenxinyang has first-class production equipment and perfect facilities, so many customers are confronted with troubled choices, which you need not worry about.
  • Relocation of Precision Equipment in a Shenzhen Company

    Precision equipment is required to be rust-proof, moisture-proof, safe, beautiful and visual. The equipment weighs 10 tons. The equipment is more precise and of high value. According to the condition of the equipment and customer requirements, a design proposal is formulated.